Consulting Services

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Pocock Industrial specializes in solving solids/liquid separation problems. We serve broad spectrum industry and have provided services to many of the major Mining, Oil, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Environmental companies. We also serve as consultants to Engineering companies, Research organizations, Legal and Academia.

Here’s what we’re great at

We provide a number a different services that vary from solid and liquid separation issues to development of commercial plant design. The scope of our consulting services include, but are not limited, to the following activities:

Laboratory testing to provide solids/liquid separation equipment sizing and recommendations.

Evaluation of solids/liquid separation alternatives and equipment recommendations.

Development of process flow sheets, material balances, and the evaluation of process alternatives.

Development of commercial plant design criteria.

In-plant solids/liquid separation problem solving.

Pilot plant design and operation to obtain process optimization and scale-up information.

Process and solids/liquid separation consulting.