Pocock Industrial


Pocock Industrial works on a flexible basis and will provide services from complete project responsibility to limited solids/liquid separation testing and consulting. We will work within tight budget constraints, under secrecy agreement, and will provide our services on a competitive basis. Upon request, we will provide a proposal for specific services developed in coordination with client needs.

We believe the combination of substantial practical experience, engineering capability, and integration of laboratory through operating plant process knowledge, provides a basis for providing exceptional service.

Pocock Industrial

Consulting Services

Pocock Industrial specializes in solving solids/liquid separation problems. We serve broad spectrum industry and have provided services to many of the major Mining, Oil, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Environmental companies. We also serve as consultants to Engineering companies, Research organizations, Legal and Academia.

View the scope of our consulting services

  • Laboratory testing to provide solids/liquid separation equipment sizing.
  • Evaluation of solids/liquid separation alternatives and equipment recommendations.
  • Development of process flow sheets, material balances, and the evaluation of process alternatives.
  • Development of commercial plant design criteria.
  • In-plant solids/liquid separation problem solving.
  • Pilot plant design and operation to obtain process optimization and scale-up information.
  • Process and solids/liquid separation consulting.
Pocock Industrial

Laboratory Testing Services

  • Sample characterization, including particle size analysis.
  • Flocculation screening, selection, and optimization.
  • Classification studies.
  • Clarification studies, including conventional and solids contact.
  • Thickening studies, including conventional and high rate in CCD or hybrid configuration.
  • Filtration studies, including drum, disk, horizontal belt, and pressure.
  • Viscosity studies, including Newtonian and non-Newtonian.
  • Development of titration curves for treating process and waste streams.
  • Evaluation of precipitation chemical reagents.
  • Water treatment studies.
  • Precipitate particle size growth to enhance separations.
  • Kinetic studies.
  • Small scale pilot studies to optimize processes and provide solids/liquid separation information.
  • Field laboratory testing services using portable equipment.

Partial Client List

Providing accurate design criteria is our speciality, and these are some of the companies that trusted us with some of their most important projects.


Agrium USA

Amax Gold, Inc.

American Cyanamid Glatfelter Paper Company


Anglo American Corp (RSA)

Asamera Minerals U.S., Inc.

Asarco Inc.

Atlantic Richfield Oil Company 

Atlas Corporation


Barrick Goldstrike Mines

Basin Frozen Foods 

Battle Mountain Gold Co.

Bechtel Corporation

Bechtel Wright Engineers

Bethlehem Steel

BHP Copper

BHP Corporate

Black Range Minerals

Bolivar Goldfields Ltd.

British Petroleum Carborundum

Brush Wellman Inc.

Cal Nickel Company


Chevron Oil Company

Chevron Resources Co.

Cleveland Cliffs Ozark Lead Company



Codelco LTV

Coeur d’Alene Mines

Colorado Minerals Research Institute

Colt Engineering

Comet Resources Pty Ltd.

Consolidated Gold Fields, PLC Bethlehem Steel

Corona Corporation

CRI Metal Products


Cyprus Amax Minerals Co.

Cyprus Metals Company

Cyprus Minerals Company

Davy McKee Brown & Root

Davy McKee Corporation

Dawson Metallurgical

Dawson Metallurgical Lab

Dawson Metallurgical Labs

DFD – Odessa Power

Dorr-Oliver Weyerhauser


Echo Bay Minerals

Echo Bay Minerals Company


Esso Oil & Chemicals International Nickel Co.

Exxon (US, CDN, AUST.)

First Miss Gold Inc.

Fluor Daniel

Fluor Daniel Badger

Fluor Daniel Inc.

Fluor Daniel Wright Ltd.

FMC – Gold

FMC Corporation

FMC Gold Company

Formosa Plastics

Frito Lay

Fuji Photo Film

General Atomics

Getchell Gold Company

Gold Reserve Corporation

Greenstone Resources

H.A. Simons

Hanna Mining Company

Hatch Associates

Hazen Research, Inc.

Hecla Mining Company

Homestake Mining Company

Idaho Cobalt


Imsamet of Arizona

Iowa Beef Producers, Inc.

J.E. Mincorp

J.R. Simplot Company

James Hardie Corporation Barrick Goldstrike Mines

JR. Simplot

Kaiser Engineers Lurgi

KD Engineering

Kellogg Brown & Root

Kennecott Copper Corp.

Kerr-McGee Corp.

Kilborn Engineers E.L. Bateman

Klohn Crippen

Knight Piesold


Lakefield Research

Lockheed Martin

LTV Steel

Lummus M.W. Kellogg

McClelland Laboratories

Merck & Co.

Metcon Research

Minera NYCO

Minproc U.S.A

Mitsubishi Metals Mining Co. Reynolds Aluminum

Morrison-Knudsen Ford, Bacon & Davis


Newmont Gold Company


Noranda Hanna Mining Company

North American Lithium

Pan American Silver


Peabody Coal Phelps Dodge

Pechiney, SA (FR)

Pegasus Gold, Inc.

Pennwalt Corporation

Pfizer Pfaudler

Phelps Dodge

Phillips 66


Placer Dome, Inc.

Proctor and Gamble Company

Quebec Iron & Titanium

Ravensthorpe Nickel Operations


Rio Algom Ltd.

Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium

Rio Tinto

Santa Fe Pacific Gold




Shell Oil Company

SNCo Lavalin

Southern Peru Copper

Staker Paving

Standard Oil of Ohio

Steel Mining Company

Steffen Robertson & Kirsten

Stillwater Mining

Stone Container Corp.

Sunshine Mining Company

Syncrude Canada

Timet Metals

True North Canada


TVX Hellas

U.S. Gold Corporation

U.S. Steel

Unipure Tintaya

US Agrichem

USMX, Inc.

Vector Engineering

Viceroy Resource Corp.

Westinghouse – Western

Wold Trona

Wyeth Ayerst


Western Zirconium